Saturday, 9 August 2008

Why I Love Reiss

I literally ransacked the shelves once I realised they had brought it to the UAE. I love this brand. LOVE. It's simple but all the clothes have something different. You don't feel like there are seven million copies of it in H&M and Topshop. They all fit so well with your body and the prices are great. Think about this.. their website is amazing but even that doesn't do the brand justice. The colors pop so much more in real life and the images of the clothes aren't as dynamic as they are in the store. Sigh if only I was Oprah. I'd save the poor AND dress them in Reiss!

Samsung F480 Tocca

My new form of communication. The colors are lovely. The cam is amazing. My fingers need to get elegant. Question: I really like having the sticker cover up thing/protector on the phone but it looks kinds long should i keep it on?*

* everyones allowed to have flaws:P

Once upon a time..

a really fabulous dressed 19 yr old got up early for her first day of interning. She had exactly enough time to eat, dress impeccably work friendly, and depuff. By the time she got to the building she maybe even had butterflies. She waited to get her card, but they just buzzed her up (sign numero uno). She walked around trying to find her managers office, bumping into a group of ppl being toured and making a great first impression. The manager welcomed her in and said "We have forgotten completely about you". The girl managed to conceal her disappointment and anger (she woke up at 6:30/the outfit really was fab). To distract herself from replaying it over and over in her head she proceeded to shop online until her fingers could no longer take it. The End.

Friday, 8 August 2008

"What time do you close?"

The past 3 days have been merciless on my feet, and the cause for this pain would be so obvious if you knew my mother(she deserves her own post)!-- lots and lots of shopping! i can take skipping bf but lunch too??;p loads and loads of pictures to upload , ill be back in a day so till then i suggest The One and Only Royal Mirage Spa, one word....DIV-INE!

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

There's Something about Kelly

Kelly Brook model turned actress aka Billy Zane's girl (im calling her that cuz they're in that back together phase) neewhooo she just has that extra su'in su'in. Its like the perfect mixture of Angelina, Dita, and Julia. Although she does have her fashion no no moments a wee bit often, when she pulls it off it's like an ad from the 60's..styled to a perfect degree.

If Only I had a Yacht that would go with..

the Versace 2009 cruise collection! oh and i also declare orange my fav color of summer (i knw a teeny bit too late:P)

Extraordinary Handbags for the Extraordinary Woman

Pull your eyes off that fabulous Drie Van Noten dress and look at that 'extraordinary' bag. Its the tiny eiffel tower which is not really practical or reasonablly priced ($3000-with crystals) but very uber fabulous. Lots of other crazy designs from fire hydrants and lips to dog bones and dice Timy Woods does it all!

Sayy Whaaa??

"Renting designer handbags is so fashionably simple." Since arriving in Dubai for the weekend I discovered a fabulous website. Now it only works in Dubai which is the bad news, the good is that it is so freakin genius. No one will ever know. Check it out fellow Dubai citizens!

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

I Want That!

Someone has to catch me looking perfectly disheveled wearing the cutest high waisted skirt and an effortless wrapped white blouse sitting in a tree with red lipstick on and the wind in my hair (dont forget the ray of sunshine)...please

What I Loved About The Teen Choice Award