Friday, 27 March 2009

The "I Want To Be Her" Editorial...

lost the source:s

Fred's Stuff..

Rattan palm springs purse $36
Mint penelpope sunglasses $11

Golden dazzle ring $16
Flower ball ring $20

Street Inspired...

The first two are frome Facehunter. I had to add the third picture since I beleived it. I really thought they were just walking into some sort of show, turned out to be an ad campaign for Lane Crawford. Nice.

Just Enough...


Pics from LeLove


Secret Garden - Bruce Springsteen

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Keep It Cute Or Stay On Mute!!

I've never been to Soho, but this is what I imagine it as:P
Whitney Port wearing an Alexander Wang shirt and shredded jeans. The lovely pink glasses are what I like best. Seriously. Fab. Tapered trousers, long coat with the hair tucked in. Sigh.Dahlia Double Breasted Tuxedo Military Dress $97 www.asos.comMy future garden *hopefully*
He Loves Me- Jill Scott

VS Summery Feel...

Caftan Dress $128

Pin-Up Swimsuits Are Back:D

Old School Pin Up Swimsuits
A Taste of Something You Can $ $168Micheal Kors $270Eres $625Eres $380

High End Pin Up Swimsuits

Aint Nothing Wrong With That - Robert Randolph & The Family Band