Saturday, 2 May 2009

This Month's Dosage of Hormones...


Mandy and Micheal on the day of their wedding. Micheal was too nervous to turn around and look at his wife to be. And when he did he just couldnt help burst with love. That is the most vulnerable kind of love. Adorable.

The simplest reminder:

Lucky - Jason Mraz

source: LL & SM

Copper Denim...

How literal...
Levis are always so creative with their ad campaigns...there's also this, a beautiful photoshoot

The idea is it isn't just a product, it's a story. Sigh:P

Post HSM Style...

Vanessa Hudgens:

Ashley Tisdale:

Stolen - Dashboard Confessional

YSL + Lighter Hair =

Sunday, 26 April 2009


Designer's Lounge-- Just opened their second store in Phase 2 of the Avenues. It's bigger, more diverse, and really much more shoppable. Their first store is located in Salhiya. Its so new that they don't even have all the plastic off their furniture!:P It's designed as if its 4 rooms other than the middle area, and you can tell from far off that is it one amazing store. One of my favorites!