Saturday, 18 October 2008

Hi I'm Ken And I'm Real!

A fully make-uped Troy and Gabrielle premiering HSM3 in LA. Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron truly did look the part of Barbie and Ken, if Barbie was Asian! How long does this process take..

...dont you secretly want to touch his suit...DIV-INE!

I Take It All Back!!!

There are things in life I admit to not being able to understand. This..isn't just one of them, it currently holds the number one spot on my "Incomprehensible List"!! How could he!! Edward would never do anything as stupid,yes i know he's his own person(Robert Pattison) but still:(..I wonder what he was thinking before leaving his place to go this premiere...such a shame really.

Lhullier Lust...

The amazing Rihanna is never going to stop wowing us!(fingers crossed)...In this Monique Lhullier gorgeous creation her skin tone has never looked better...and can you believe she does her own makeup! That's a first in Hollywood land (excluding Angie ofcourse). The hair, i have to say, will need some time to get used to;p

Friday, 17 October 2008


Victoria Beckham is going to damage her knees one of these days..but for now...she is working those Marc Jacobs Stilettos like no one else (while promoting her DVB Jeans line-one of which she's wearing)..needless to say I WANT:p

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Where's Waldo???

Look for something different...Keep Looking...yesss ur getting closer! BAM Right there!!!..How can that possibly happen to someone and AND when it does, can he/she really not notice (cause no way is this an up-&-coming trend!)..We're so lucky we have the girls to keep us posted on crapilicious catastrophies like this;D

If you havent realized whats wrong....its the tan line at her ankle...the gofugyourself suggest maybe a sock in the tanning booth? I suggest REHAB.

Monday, 13 October 2008

The Zoe

Rachel Zoe. Milan Fashion Week. Sigh.

If This Is Love...Than You Are My Mr. Right!!!

My heart is skipping over every other beat. My palms are sweaty. My head feels faint. Is this really what it feels like? Thank you Basso & Brooke S09. Thank you.

Not As Comfy...

Reviewing VB's taste in clothes its obvious that she loves her figure and equally loves flaunting it off. But at what cost? Im not talking about the whole anorexia issue, cuz she seems fit, but ....isn't it tiring wearing all those stretch tight fabrics all day and night long! I mean where are her sweats people?!? Her casual day wear outfits are stretch jeans and tight shirts. Its never loose..EVER! I would die without my fav jumper and XL everything. But it seems like she doesnt give two shits since "(I'm) the smallest size there is"...SNAP.

Just How Old Is She???

Looking at the first picture I would never guess it was Ellen Pompeo( Meredith Grey, from Grey's Anatomy). Ok. Maybe I would just cuz i have her mouth memorized..its been annoying me since day one. But still, I wondered how old she really is .....and it turns out she's 39! Its a bit weird for an almost 40 yr old to play someone who shud be in their late 20's no??:S

Pondering Along...

Is it just me or does Sophie Monk, aka 'the face' look really "different" now? Is it some sort of pressure coming from her new show "Bigger Than Paris" or is she just getting *gasp* older?? Either way I'm really hoping its just a bad pic cuz if it isnt that, than Miz Sophie has officially grabbed the train to Plastic Land.

Sunday, 12 October 2008

The Power Of The Clooney

What can I say?? I just couldn't help myself;p

In The Ayer.Ay.Ayer..Ayer.Ay,Ayer

Mui Mui

V & R
V & R
Alexander McQueen

Karl Lagerfield