Thursday, 13 November 2008


Roberta Freeman $250
Kara by Kara Ross $1000
Banana Republic $150

Yes...It Hurts Me Too!

The cast of Twilight pose for the December issue of Vanity Fair. It's all about the lighing, and maybe just a little about their hotness..maybe.:P

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

They Were Meant To Be..

Beyonce is fishing for the role...but I think this picture speaks for itself. Megan Fox was born to play Wonder Woman. We'll see what happens. Special thanks to FYF for finding this pic.

Note: Its a photoshopped pic.

Monday, 10 November 2008

And Then I'll Grind...


Kurylenko..Olga Kurylenko

The newest Ukranian Bond girl poses ever so feminenly in the most amazing Dolce & Gabbana creation. The latest Bond movie Quantom of Solace is out now.

Start-London...Where Fashion Meets Rock 'N' Roll fun and different offers up so many goodies...some of which i might want to abuse soon *mwahaha* ;p

Sunday, 9 November 2008

November Boutique..

...was the most serene and peacefully decorated place i've seen in years. It just calms you down with all the wonderful colors and furniture arrangements. Prior to the post about Aila's exhibition of wonderful bags, I had a feeling I'd love them. And I did.The clutches all go from day to night perfectly and the tiny ones are amazing birthday presents. All sooo lovely.
Coincedently my mother got back from Lebanon today with this Aila bag for me! Yaaay:P

Szohr Juicy-ness....

Jessica Szohr looked amazing at the Juicy Couture boutique opening in NYC. Other than her natural cuteness factor, the long waves and the bright green gave her an extra goddesy effect. Don't you just love her accessories??

Reiss Online!!

HAAALLELUJAH!!..these are just some of the things up for online shop and shipping to the UK and Ireland. It does not matter that its only the AW collection up for sale, and the fact that I may have almost half the peices still doesnt turn me off this collection or brand...I BASICALLY LOVE!

oscar red big bag double straps 169 pounds
jaco white small bag double straps 129 pounds
cleo asmtrc bar clutch 120 pounds
dinah black belt 59 pounds
nina red gloves 45 pounds
aloe lace black dress 169 pounds

Statement Necklace???

Dries Van Noten's Bangle Necklace is truly um peculier. It also costs $875. I'm also more than 100% sure that my little sister could make something exactly like this using all the bracelets we already have...and still...I may love it(i'll give myself some time to decide;p)


Thats what I'm calling it..until i figure out what its really called:) I feel like it mite be either:
1) The most fabulous invention ever, warm, cosy, and useful
2) A peice of cloth with holes in it
What do you think?;p

Brochu Walker Pocket Scarf $185
Image from Shopbop