Saturday, 23 August 2008

You Talkin' To Me..are YOUU Talkin' To Mee???

Coat and shirt, both from a selection, and scarf, £225, all Burberry (07000 785676); hat, chain and jewellery throughout, stylist's own.(from left): Callan wears polo shirt, £90, Raf Simons for Fred Perry (020-7632 2800); jeans, from £105, Lee Gold Label (0845 6008383). Joe wears polo shirt, £95, Vivienne Westwood (020-7439 1109); jeans, from £105, Lee Gold Label, as before. Barnaby wears polo shirt, £65, Fred Perry, as before; jeans, £145, Polo Ralph Lauren (020-7535 4600).(from left): Barnaby wears shirt, from a selection, Burberry (07000 785676); trousers, £75, Polo Ralph Lauren (020-7535 4600); belt, £80, Acne at Harrods (020-8479 5100); socks, £14, Falke at Liberty (020-7734 1234); shoes, £250, Church's (01604 593333). Callan wears jacket, £729, Vivienne Westwood (020-7439 1109); shirt, £240, Raf Simons for Fred Perry (020-7632 2800); trousers, £110, Fred Perry, as before.

Always and Everytime

Queen Rania dined with the U2 frontman, Sarkozy and his wife Carla Bruni at Cap Negre, in the Var region of the French Riviera. "A helicopter picked up Queen Rania and Bono from St Tropez to the estate, which belongs to the family of Bruni." Even here, bad angle, cringed face and all she maintains her stature and her elegance comes through. It astounds me that at one piont in her life she lived here in Kuwait like any other normal woman, working in NBK ( a kuwaiti bank). It's very Cinderalla like, except Cinderalla here is a woman with great taste, loves designer brand and trends. ( Stay awaaaayy from the poofy dress!)

Three Fabulous Men...

...make you rethink kindness, love, and giving back. Johnny Depp, Jude Law, and Colin Farrell initially took over the role of the late Heath Ledger in his last movie The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus, and now all four men are donating their wages from the movie to Heath's daughter Matilda, out of concern for her future since Heaths' will didn't include her (it was written up before she was born). Amazing.


Sigh...there is hope for love! (specifically hot 6 ft hunka-man hot love)

Friday, 22 August 2008

It's a Laptop Bag!

...:)...Schumacher £300.

My Favorite!

Project Runway Season 5:

Name: Korto
Age: 33
Hometown: Liberia resides in Mabelvale, Arkansas
Wins: 1/6
Status: Still Sewing
Education: Fashion School in Ottawa, Canada
Favorite designers: Tracy Reese, Valentino, and Randolph Duke
Fashion must: Great bag be cont'd

Givenchy Sminchy!

The Givenchy necklace was thee catalyst for the "neck's trend"..chunky necklaces. They've been everywhere! Suggestion: Find great substitutes at or


Huh..i never thought i would have smart and drink in the same sentence! on an ad! But if i had..its not very suprising to have Jess sponsering it! And what is with all the photoshop..she looks eerily plastic, like Hefners new bunny, i dont even know what that is, the pink/purple thing she's wearing! Is it kaftan or a wrap..does that even make sense sitting on hay?? I can't get over the lips area...blaaaaa!

Note to whoever was in charge: You'd think she'd be holding the actual product..this could be just another pic for her new country album eh??


Costume party? That would excuse Serena..but if Blair isn't channeling homeless chic im speechless! (and curious!) Only nine more days!!!

More Good Than Bad..

This is def. the bad! My theory is that she has so much to show us she doesnt have time for each trend ..its all about forgiveness people! Rihanna..We still love you!

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

New Search Engine Y'all!

Pronounced cool. Anyhow its very very interesting..the results show up in columns then in pages and it has more results than google so yeah check it out!

I am BEYYUTIFUL! I worth $445?

The Life of the Awkward & Clumsy!

So its been almost 2 weeks and i think I'm finely over it. and by it i mean:
My second day of work/interning was just as horrible as the first day. So i dress in almost the same looking jeans and shirt i wore the first day since no one said nething about them. I ask my HR helper what the dress code is and she tells me jeans are officially not allowed but it was ok since she didn't tell me that b4. On our way out to my department she says she wants me to say hello to the head of HR. A woman i later realise is feared by everyone. As i walk in I'm already nervous since she had important looking people in her office she looks at me and says hello back but once my helper mentions that I'm going up to work, she the head of the department says "She either goes home and changes and comes back, or she doesn't work here; jeans are not allowed". My face is the face of someone so stunned and speechless...i was already panicky but this was nothing. i didn't even realise what happened tell i got to the reception area and was going to my car. WTH?! So i speed it up, anything to make it better. I get home change and back in 30 minutes..a huge feat. As i walk into my department I'm introduced to everyone there and for some reason i was still very panicky, nervous,,, very silly but still! Everyone seemed to be looking at me like a martian, i blamed the clothes ( White trousers and a striped blouse w/heels- maybe it was too much). I'm lead through to my cubicle and given my first task. "Go the secretary and get your ID card, and ask for a user name and password". I walk with umph towards the other section of my department and ....BAAYM! i walk into a glass door..the complete horra! i breathe in for what seems to me like a century..turn around answering all their 'are you ok' q's and walk out..2 minutes later walking back in i extend my hand cautiously b4 getting close to that area( just in case) and i see 3 small post-its:P that all have " for m" "for m" " for m " written on them. M is my name:S..lets just say i figured out quickly that the people in my department where nice but i was still going " Why God ..Why??" for the next few days. It's been goood so far..nething else comes up or slams thru a wall.. well i'll let you know

Note: I hate brown/black/navy suits! Despise them! Color aint bad ppl!

Headband Heaven!!

seriously this is one of the defining moments in my life..where all my dreams have come true! kidding..about the dreams:P These headbands are the makings of genius Jennifer Roullette, and sigh i thank her! Get this...they're all under $100. *pinch pinch*

Monday, 18 August 2008

Lauren Hate Cont'd


Oh No She Didn't!!

well...its more like 'they didnt'! I prefer using the no comment card when its this atrocious..but i wasnt at a loss for words...AT ALL! This act of styl-icide happened August 16,2008 at the Alma Awards. Paula is like the proud cherry topping this off. I was always told not to judge unless I put myself in the persons shoes>>WTH was Paula thinking when she put on any of that?? The necklace, the hair, the DRESS, and the poor photographers...oh i bet she feels so "fantastic". The rest of the seem to forget any of the fashion advice they were given..what we have here is a huge case of fluffa-cide...and gurl more fluff aint fly! Both Hilda and that chick from Scrubs seem to be not in the mood which would not have ruined their looks..if the dresses weren't that horrible to start with..and lastly well all I have to say is Seriously really..Seriously??!! The horra the complete horraa!

Pondering Along

Any Project Runway fans in the house?? These Yigal Azrouel looks seem eerily the same?? I'm thinking it's a weird coincedence but should Yigal watch out since the ruffled dress cost the in got her cut from the show (for those of you who seem to have your priorities incorrectly stated:P) ..hmmm? check out the PR everything by clicking the link