Saturday, 20 December 2008

Music On Replay...2

Kings of Leon - Use Somebody

Seal - It's a Man's World

Akon ft. Lil. Wayne - I'm So Paid

The Killers - Human

The Veronicas - Untouched

The Kooks - Seaside (A.S. Credit..oii;)

Grace Potter - Falling or Flying

My TT obsession continues...

Taylor Tomasi looks refreshingly creative at the LV fashion show. She's wearing a Gap vest, a vintage lace dress, and Ann Demeulemeester boots. Pure Love.


I loooved their article about the latest RiRi outfit. Really...everything mentioned ran thru my mind at one point. No Pain No Gain..mayjorly!:P They did forget to mention that she does pull off whatever she does...proof yet again...Rihanna is my fashion superhero.


...If only we had a stand like this at university:P

Local Love Blogs...

Sometimes people go overboard with the amount of detail they think their readers enjoy, but lately I've stumbled upon a couple of Kuwaiti-based "love blogs" that just plainly entertain. It's almost like watching a show. Whereas before it was a huge no-no, since all of us vulnerable women will learn from these characters, now its just great for a day dedicated to nothingness. Some of the many out there..


Remember though, everyone exaggerates. People say "Keep your expectations low and you'll never be dissapointed". But I say, a person can dream!

JM Cake Re-Thinking...

So me and my best friend, HUUUGEE John Mayer fans, decided to join in the fun of his latest project. A cake competition.

"I've set up an e-mail address,, so that you can show off your own baked goods. I will post the best cakes on my blog, and the one I deem most beautiful will win an autographed signature series Fender Stratocaster guitar. "

He also posted the latest entries, which I have to say are big competition. At first I backed out, there was too much pressure trying to outdo them, but then I realised as long as I have fun and be as creative as I can that was all that mattered (NOOT! hahah cake maker fans out there...this is soooo on!)

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

What I've Been Up To Part 1...

So most of the following occured during the 1 week trip i took to Dubai, so i technically have no excuse other than studying for exams but neway...I, MJ, consider myself very knowledgable in the music department, friends of all ages call me if a song is on the radio and they want the artist/songname (im not so sure I should be flaunting this fact since it wont help me incomely ever;p). So yea I've never been to a concert before, and now im officially obsessed with them. The sole reason is cuz of the maroon 5 concert I went to in dubai. It was! Adam Levine never sounded and looked any hotter. There was however a tween group of stanky Indians who talked nonstop in front of us and cut thru but all the anger and tension that had risen since their arrival disappeared as soon as he came on stage. His voice is sooo much better live. sigh. He also took off his jacket and dedicated a song to all the girls out there (he specifically said : you know who you are, which had me screaming YES YES I DO!) I lost my voice singing along and I honestly dont regret it. What I do regret is recording almost everything. When I watched it, I surprisingly did not sound as good as I thought I did (I know shocker I blame this on the stanky Indians:)