Saturday, 20 September 2008

Hair Gear...

Head Gear Bananza! Fashion Week has provided me with my favorite accessory!
From top to bottom: Temperly London X 2, Project Runway, Basso & Brooke, Luella, PPQ, Richard Nicoll,


Friday, 19 September 2008

Edie NOT So Rose-Y

Rachel Bilson's line Edie Rose had a little debut and from what I see now, just goes to show you, "even if you're a great does not mean you're a fashion designer!"- quoted by my fabulously styled friend Princess MJA;)

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Fell in Color with Luella Spring 09

I will not go on living without a pair of those gloves!!!;p and one of those bags..preferably in pink!..anyone recognize Alice Burdeu the winner of Australia's Next Top Model Cycle 3:P! Holla at yo gurll!

Pressure Pressure!

Yes that's Kate Winslet and Leonardo Dicaprio together in the SAME movie and its not Titanic...It's a story based in the 50's that revolves around them as a couple and follows them to France. I'm definitely going to see that!:)

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

We'd Like An Order of That Please..

...and by that I mean a man that actually enjoys shopping as much as we do!;p

I've Been Obsessed With....

Leighten Meester's cover of Bette Davis Eyes! It's really good...who knew?? She has an album coming out soon so hopefully its got more stuff like this!

Pappi! Where Are My Nails???

AWWW!! They just remind you why you love them so much! The clutch...the them!! America looks like spring and HILDA my favorite! a jumpsuit even if its not that big of a risk colorwise.. its cute! Lindsay on the other hand..i refuse to believe thats what she looks like at her best...the hair needs treatment and the face just looks tired and dirty..Hilda needs to give her a makeover now!;p

Gucci Mania X 3!!!!

Its a nice dress..Charlize kinda killed it here...but seriously its not THAT amazing:S

Not Only Is She Hot But...

She also gets to hang with a certain actor i may or may not have a crush on ...Shia Lebouf!;p He's such a cutie all grown up premiering his new movie "Eagle Eye". I love the touch of blue with the necklace and I can honestly say I'm not tired of her black liner/LBD look...less is always more;)

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

No Pain No Gain

I have to admit loving the fact that John Mayer's all gloomy and depressed now, his best music is supposedly written when he's in this 'stage in life'...we shall have to wait and see:p

It's Never Hard Being Fox-y...

The cover is something I could live without, she seems to be physically dirty, thankfully someone must of scrubbed her down and gave her back her pretty in the spread shoot:p....just goes to show you Megan Fox will always always look hot!

Monday, 15 September 2008

Another Thing I Want...

But dont really need...

The black goes for $255, and the red and 'cafe' go for 127...i think i might need to go into denial for a little bit and pretend i think i dont want it then have an epiphany about how i cant live without it. Yes, that's what i'm going to do, and i'm getting the red one:)

Cuff Me Now!


The bracelet and necklace are the creation of the much talked about Alexis Bittar..almost everything is friggin' wantable;p... Check them out..

DVF Spring 09 LOVE IT!!!

I'm chopping off their heads silently..and replacing them with mine!:P SIGHHHH!!! Everything is so colorful and comfortable...made for me!:P

Fashion Week "Street"

I present to you the people I would put in my pocket during Fashion Week! Notice how its all very black white and gray...hotnessss:P


What is that Gunk in his hair! It seems sooo sharp and nasty! Might smell too...What happened to the buzzed hair phase. Please go back to that Cristiano!

Sunday, 14 September 2008

They Look Like That In Real Life!

REALLY?? They must be toying with us...the cast of Gossip Girl help Blake Lively..aka Serena Van Der Woodsen aka S celebrate her 21st looking AS GOOD as they do on the show...i have my suspicions that someone helped them out....THEY CANT LOOK THIS GOOD ALL BY THEMSELVES RIGHT???:P


The Christian Louboutin's at Philip Lim's show last week...fantabulous no??