Thursday, 26 February 2009

Pencey...Almost Every Peice

Pencey tuxedo jacket-$428 sale $214
Pencey social dress- $420 sale $294
Pencey silk blazer- $437
Pencey leggings - $125
Pencey feather tee- not available but oh so pretty
Pencey blazer romper- $466
Pencey batwing blouse -$265 sale $80
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Wednesday, 25 February 2009

The Secret Life Of Bees..

I just finished watching the movie, twice. It's a really good heartfelt story. It's set in '64 and incorporates as much love as there is racism and guilt. The soundtrack is amazing but evidently the producers didn't want to create a cd to go along with the movie. For some reason it underperformed in the box office but I really think that if you're in the mood for a good movie, that has great actors and a plot that revolves more around the characters, you should see it. I always had a small issue with Dakota Fanning, but after this movie she moved up and onto my favorite actress list. Queen Latifa, Alicia Keys, Jennifer Hudson, and my favorite Sophie Okonedo star in it too. I really don't want to give anything away, but SPOILER I'll let you know, it starts with Dakota's character Lily accidentally killing her mother when she was 4. The directing and setting was beautiful. Loved it. A solid 4/5.

Some of the Great songs:

Beautiful by India.Arie
Come See About Me by The Supremes
Doncha Know (Sky Is Blue) by Alicia Keys
I'm Alright by Little Anthony and the Imperials
Hippy Hippy Shake by Swinging Blue Jeans
It’s All Right by The Impressions.

I Heart Kuwait!!!

Hope everyone has a great national day! Stay careful!:D

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Oscar Dresses 09...

The Winners:

Marian Cotillard in Dior Haute Couture. The tones of blue chosen work perfectly with her skin color, and the dress is just Mah-ve-lous!
Maria Tomei in Atelier Versace blew me away. The cuts on the dress, her new-mite i say-exquisite body, and the hair were all chosen flawlessly.
Miley Cyrus in Zuhair Murad. Now this is definitely something I did not expect. One she's a Disney star, they never get it right. Two she's Hannah Montana, which calls for a whole other post. The dress is Beautiful. Perfect amount of shine and elegance.
Sarah Jessica Parker in Dior Haute Couture. Ahh the good ol'reminders of SATC. That alone got her on this list. But that dress really speaks for itself, the minty color, the poof that only she can get away with and the hair. Carrie Bradshaw come baaaack!Evan Rachel Wood in Ellie Saab. Where does her body end and the dress begin. This is what a rare amount of people can pull off. Going nude. It works brilliantly. The dark makeup and accessories were a great match too. Seriously this is practically impossible to do, let along with red copper hair, loved the hairdo tooo.
Anne Hathaway in Giorgio Armani.! I feel like nudging her and watching her fall over. Loved the cut, the hair, the bare decolletage, and everything. Bias much:)
Frieda Pinto in John Galliano. She chose a great color to go with her skin tone. It also reminds you of the Indian background she comes from and is representing (love that), with the beading. But it almost never works out. the one armed see-through thing. The Indian factor saved her here. Also I loved the movie and all her red carpet appearances. Truly though, pretty pretty pretty.

The Meh's:
Penelope Cruz in vintage Balmain. I loved everything about the dress, except for the color. With that cut its tends to remind you of a bride's dress-not so good for the Oscars. Plus Penelope is gorgeous and those bangs are not working. Somebody tell her that please. Natalie Portman in Rodarte. So beautiful and elegant and Greek-like, talking about her here. The dress is simply nice. Nice color, nice cut, nice and simple. I would of liked to see something like the white Lanvin dress she wore before, a little more oomph please.Taraji P Henson in Roberto Cavalli. The dress is pretty, but again we have the white color issue. Loved the necklace here-to die for- the hair was pretty and so were the accessories but it wasn't enough to get her through. Loved the movie too btw (mite have to do a movie post too:P)

The Losers:
Beyonce in House Of Dereon. Dear Lord woman what are you trying to do to us. Ughhh. Cheap is what comes to mind. Especially with those roots! The gold and black were not working well together and her poses need to retire. Whats with the weird cocktail cut with the hole in the middle??
Amy Adams in Carolina Herrara. No No No No. Super Duper boring. The black lines in the bodice seem to make it look worse. Sorry CH we all love you but this is not you!
Heidi Klum in Roland Mouret. Is it me or does it feel like one of her kids cut that slit for her, with a scissor? The hair is kind of old- as in dirty. The slicked do would of worked with shorter hair. The dress seems very made at home. Me no likey.
Jessica Beil in Prada. With that body she should always always stick to slinky, when in doubt. And believe me, this is her, in doubt. The hip poof was too large and not placed correctly. The hair is too 7th Heaven. Angelina Jolie in Ellie Saab. Black. Again. Woohoo for the green earring though!! Just imagine if that dress was that color of green or royal purple. Something exciting please!Kate Winslet in Atelier Yves Saint Laurent. I really really really like her. As an actress and a woman and even as a mother. She's smart too, I know though, it doesn't really show here. So beautiful and yet so...confused.What kills me more is that she won! After almost looking great for 5! older Oscar nominations, she chooses the day she knew she was going to win (everyone knew it was her) and wears this. Think of your grandchildren and go classic woman! Anyway I still love you:)

Sunday, 22 February 2009

I Need To JUMP...

I Can Be - Taio Cruz
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Love Meagan...

This is my newest blog crush! Her completely gratioutous outfit posts are so cute and dressupy. I love how real she is and how we see little bits and pieces of her life, the embarrassing and the super fab! Yes i just said super fab. Thing is it isn't just her outfits, its the diversity of the topics she posts about. From music, old Hollywood, her job, her hubby, makeup, hair how to's, and of course the clothes:D Entertainment people. En-ter-tain-ment.

The Time Issue...

I'm forcing this top to go through the time test, which is simply the idea that if I don't forget it in a day or two its worth igetting because I really do like it, and that it's not something that'll force me to look back and think "Why was I so stupid/thoughtless/careless?"
Asos Chiffon Panel Oversized Jersey Backless Top $41

Big Spender - Adrienne Bailon