Friday, 2 January 2009

Resolution # 2: Learn French



It doesn't get any better than this. Romance. War. A Huge Budget. Amaazing Clothes. and that accent. Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman star in Baz Lahrman epic movie that geniusly en-corporates comedy with love and WWII. (in just worth it).Catherine Martin , the director's Oscar winning costume director wife was the perfect choice. The clothes were MARVELOUS. Nicole's character starts off very prim and uptight but due to some twists in the plot she loses some of that properness but still remains very classy and elegant. The luggage she's carrying in the first picture is actually Prada, since Prada started creating luggage in the 30's/40's. (they were recreated for the movie). The shoes she wore in the last picture are actually Ferragomo's, the picture does nothing for the dress(ergo: you have to see this movie!!) Hugh Jackman has a couple of those breathtaking scenes, which are a major bonus. He is the ultimate mans man. You could almost hear the men sitting next to us in the cinema thinking "How can I look like that when I'm 40, when I don't even look like that now?" Movie magic people, magic.

Resolution # 1: Let Go Of The Contacts

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Wednesday, 31 December 2008


Beyonce's newest video off of her latest album "I Am..Sasha Feirce" is great. I love the beat and the video...its pretty obvious that she's channeling the real at home Beyonce, where as she was in Sasha mode for the "Single Ladies" video. The only thing I would change throughout her whole promotional tour and everything are her roots, get them fixed women! Major wow pointers for choosing the best looking men to star along in all her videos. Look at how he gulps at the end----sigh heheh:P