Saturday, 25 October 2008

"Hey Pretty Baby With The High Heels On..."

Miranda Kerr at a David Jones show...she talked about her new book which encourages woman to love their bodies whatever their size, eating healthy, blah blah blah ...all I want to know is where I can get her headgear!..anybody??

I'm really loving using song lyrics as titles...should that continue?;p

Post Title Song: Micheal Jackson- The Way You Make Me Feel

Friday, 24 October 2008

My Favorite Person In The World...(for now)

Thank you ASOS for bestowing upon us the greatness of Georgia May Jagger...her tooth gap and overall look remind me of Vanessa Paradis (check out her beautiful cover of Vogue Paris!!)..person to admire..srysly:)

you can see the larger pics of jagger here:

So Worth The Gangsters I Had To Walk Through Getting There...

Promiscuos $139
Micheal Kors (i think..can't quite remember;p)
Givenchy $670
L.A.M.B $475
Tanya satin double velcro sandal 129
Nine West Leather Slingbacks! AKA My shoes:D

I've been dieing to get something rocker chic, that would require some sort of heavy metal attitude and or motorcycle...and the day has finally come where me and my perfect match found each other...i was at the Avenues and it was in Nine West..and just to make it so much was only.... WAIT FOR IT...

16.600 KD = $ 62!!!

Should I Or Shan't I??

Oh, and if you think I should...there's also a problem with the color:p (yea i'm slowly realizing im a wee bit undecisive)
also available at $110

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Beyonce Covers Instyle November...

Her photoshoot seems like a jewelry ad....sooo amazing!! I love all the peices but my favorites are the necklaces in pics 2 and 4 and the earring in the 3rd! Her face looks soo clear and flawless...Beyonce never ceases to amaze me!

Chanel Through The Eyes Of Zaha Hadid!

" have to admit that Coco Chanel was onto something when, in 1955, she designed the quilted, chain-strapped handbag known as the 2.55. It has retained its “It” position ever since, beloved by women from Brooke Astor to the cast of The Hills.

In 2005, in honor of 50 years of status baggery, Lagerfeld asked twenty artists (Sylvie Fleury and Yoko Ono among them) to create their own reactions to the 2.55. This year, he asked the architect Zaha Hadid (winner of the Pritzker Prize and, Lagerfeld says, “a Coco Chanel of today”) to design a movable home for those artists’ works. The result is “Mobile Art,” a 7,500-square-foot space pod that has traveled around the world and has just landed in Central Park, plunked down in the middle of Rumsey Playfield. So far, it’s been to Hong Kong and Tokyo. When it’s done here, it will move on to London, then Moscow and Paris."

(Photo: Hannah Whitaker; François Lacour/Courtesy of Chanel (Pod interior, Fleury work) (Article by Amy Loracca)

She also designed some fantastic looking rubber shoes for Lacoste...Zaha's on a roll!!!

Taylor Tomasi... I Heart You

She is Teen Vogue’s Senior Accessories Director, and her style hurts my eyes! (in the best way possible). Talk about inspiration! I really really honestly can't think of any of what she has on, that I wouldn't wear! Some people where born to do things, she has definitely found her calling.

Sometimes, You Just Need To Laugh...

Why Does "The All American CHACE CRAWFORD" mean plaid??(and i'm just talking head down)

Thank The Almighty Lord For ...

RYT, a friend, needing to get her mother a little something something. Since Villa Moda, retail store, is right next to door to my university, we went there first, and walked into FABRIC HEAVEN!! The uber smart Sheikh Majed Al Sabah, chairman, exhibited over 12 of the most prominant and fabulous Spanish designers!!! Amazing pictures will be uploaded soon!!;)

Designers: Miguel Palacio, Francis Montesinos, Melly Mello, Monoplaza, Violeta E Federico, Vasari, Carmen March, Victorio Lucchino, Santiago Del Palacio, Fernando Lemoniez, Juanjo Oliva, Teresa Palazuela

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Music On Replay...

1)Beat Control-Tilly and the Wall
Yes, i nod my head too;p the beat,the beat,the beat

2)Beggin'- Madcon
Thanks to GYH for this fabulous song, can't get it out of my head

3)Single Ladies (Put a Ring on it)- Beyonce
Booty shaking with a message!;)

4)Change- Taylor Swift
Very girl next door- CANNOT believe I actually sing along;p

5)The Heart of the Matter- India Arie
LOVE LOVE LOVE! I've been addicted since SATC the movie!

6)Shine On- The Kooks
The lyrics are awesome, and so is the video, but its ALL in the accent;p

7)Stay- Michelle Featherstone
Very mellow, and soo soothing, go ahead and cry;p

8)Try it Again- The Hives
Concert music....FUN FUN! Ugh ugh ugh! (no im not grunting im rocking along;p)

9)Forevermore- Katie Herzig
Bittersweet and lovely..."Climb up my apple tree, Slide down my rainbow"

10)Dead and Gone - T.I. Ft Justin Timberlake
Everyone knows I have a thing for T.I...what you don't know is that Justin makes everything sound A- Wait for it- Freaking- MAZING!!!

Exactly How I Feel...

Sass & Bide

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Tribute Two YSL


"a decorative border of thread, cord, or the like, usually hanging loosely from a raveled edge or separate strip"

Samedelman Utah Boot $195
christian loubs "forever tina fringe boots"
Chinese Laundry $ 110
Nine West $60

Fringe Fringe Fringe Fringe Fringe Fringe Fringe Fringe Fringe Fringe !!!!!

Style Icon...