Saturday, 16 August 2008

Lauren huh???

hmm...i suppose i love the skirt and the dog but why oh why cant i be as excited about lauren?? For some reason I think she's a bit drab and dull, maybe its the hair or the fact that her clothing line sucked:s...ill let you knw when i figure it out..until then goodmorning, good evening, and goodnight:D

Holly Molly!

hehehe..i couldn't help myself with the lame title:P Molly Sims is extremely attractive, but her fashion ensemble choices are what turn my head!

Excuse moi!

Sorry for being a bit absent lately..i just finished the sequel to Twilight and i am officially obsessed! RECOMMENDED! forget the whole vampire turn have to read these books! i have two more and i promise to make up for lost time:P! Stephanie Miller is the author..go get it!

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

This Is How We Roll

Yes... we're fierce and we know it y'all! Nicole Richie and Danielle Steel's daughter out on a stroll.
Note: Need to get shoes like that!

There's Just Something About..

A white shirt and jeans that just screams sexy. I'm Loving Katie's hair and her whole casual but chic relaxed style(Nevermind the fact that she's just around our height...wink wink!;p). As for Isla Ficher..can we just please say WAAAZEEEENAAAA! thats Kuwaiti slang for cute. Seriously its like cute and cuterer..did i just say that???..oh no i did not just say that!!

GAP fall '08

Chanel Iman, Liv Tyler, Scott Schuman, Lily Donaldson= No Comment Needed

Patootie Quote

"Forget the old rules. I love white all year round. It's cooler to wear it when you aren't supposed to,"

Monday, 11 August 2008

Hair Is The Best Facial Frame

Luella's Cute Headbands, there's also a really rich green color not shown here.

Sunday, 10 August 2008

Bows Bows & More Bows

War of the Vibrating Mascaras!

Estee Lauder vs. Lancome
July 17 vs. July 31
7,500 vib/min vs. 7,000 pulses/min
$30 vs. $34
Ignore them both and get the one that came out called spinlash, cost $15, does the same thing!

Benetton's Olympics Ad

Benetton's Website says the ad "attempts to make a small contribution to dialogue and engagement between Tibetan and Chinese people." I have a love/hate relationship with benetton's ad team. They always grab your attention...we're not even thinking olympics nemore! but sometimes the images sting a little. Hope thats what they're going for.

Chipmunk attitude

Cutie Patootie Rachel Bilson in another 'insouciant'* outfit. Fedora hats ooze attitude and confidence but CAN NOT work in Kuwait. They are technically great for protection but for some reason hats are big no no's here. I wear a lot during winter and walk carefree knowing I'm leaving a trail of wtf stares behind me. I'd like to walk carefree period:p...what to do..if this is how the world isn't fair to me, I'll take it.

1. printed mini 2. loose tank 3. fitted blazer 4. feirce bag 5. touseled hair..really do i have to encourage you...*word of the day. French for carefree:)


Kate Hudson looks so gorgeous on this cover of W magazine but is it me or do her ears have some sort of elf like resemblance?

Moving On

The Cartier Love bracelets are getting a tad boring so we're moving on to Carolee's Sterling Sentiments Bracelets! They're cute, affordable, and are great as gifts. Think about who you are ( i.e. i'm a daughter and sister) and imagine wearing those bracelets in both gold and silver all piled up with other chunky bracelets. FAB.

Squirrel Attitude

Nicole Richie always reminds me of those cute disney characters like chicken little or chip and dale, in a good way!..newhoo she looks effortless and hot. Looks easy..really isnt. Nicole points = 273 Paris points= 1,000,000 (negative that is:P)

'Olympic Beijing, Fashion China'

"Models display creations originated from costumes in ancient China's state of Chu during the Warring States period (475 B.C. to 221 B.C.) during "Olympic Beijing, Fashion China" fashion show in Beiing, capital of China, August 9, 2008."... Umm Hello since when did the ancient Chinese state of chu dress so fierce! Hurrah for them!

Is There Such A Thing As Too Much FRINGE?

ponder ponder???

Height Does Matter!

and oh how thou feels so good! Castaner =comfortable wedges, among other things. This is one of the things I got in Dubai. I'm thinking ill wear it during bf, lunch , dinner, tomorrow, maybe permanantly superglue to my feet. We shall see.