Sunday, 2 November 2008

Turban Headbands...

So the turban does give off the laundry women effect, but im still intrigued. Thats why, when i popped into B2 BOUTIQUE, I immediatly was pulled towards these bright less unicorny turban headbands. There were 4 different colors, gold, silver, purple,and peach. They all go for 15 Kd ($56), and are actually wearable for day and nite. I got the purple:D

B2 BOUTIQUE is located in Bait Karizma, next to Amri Hospital, Kuwait
Contact Number: 2461294

Left: Prada Pink Headband $335, Jennifer Behr Plum headband $128.
Right: Jennifer Behr headbands $128 each.

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