Saturday, 7 February 2009

The O Blog...

Al Othman has officially created a blog. Catching up with technology and all. Really dry intro blog but we know that whatever they report will not dissapoint since we love every collection anyway. The new Loubs for Philip Lim provide the most exciting post since they let us know they have them here in Kuwait. I cant make up my mind, whether to get the flats (wearable daily) or the heels(also wearable daily;p)?? Newayy how jealous am I? I want their jobs NOW..I want to be able to say "Jetting off to Paris for the Pre-Fall buying trip has me ecstatic. " Cross your fingers people it'll happen sometime during my life *hopefully* The O Blog writers are Miss O, Snob O, Chatty O...interestinggg."If you’ve been enjoying the content of MUSE, then you will fall in love with our latest store addition. We are thrilled to introduce to you The O Blog, a daily shot of fashion news, trends, behind the scenes interviews with designers, AlOthman must haves, one-on-one fashion advice, and getting the low-down on hot happenings in the fashion industry straight from AlOthman avent-garde buying team.
The O Blog will be another form of communicating to us anytime and anywhere. You’ll get personalized attention and answers to your comments and questions, tailored specifically to your needs.
So enjoy the read and visit our blog everyday for your daily fashion fix."

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