Tuesday, 19 August 2008

The Life of the Awkward & Clumsy!

So its been almost 2 weeks and i think I'm finely over it. and by it i mean:
My second day of work/interning was just as horrible as the first day. So i dress in almost the same looking jeans and shirt i wore the first day since no one said nething about them. I ask my HR helper what the dress code is and she tells me jeans are officially not allowed but it was ok since she didn't tell me that b4. On our way out to my department she says she wants me to say hello to the head of HR. A woman i later realise is feared by everyone. As i walk in I'm already nervous since she had important looking people in her office she looks at me and says hello back but once my helper mentions that I'm going up to work, she the head of the department says "She either goes home and changes and comes back, or she doesn't work here; jeans are not allowed". My face is the face of someone so stunned and speechless...i was already panicky but this was nothing. i didn't even realise what happened tell i got to the reception area and was going to my car. WTH?! So i speed it up, anything to make it better. I get home change and back in 30 minutes..a huge feat. As i walk into my department I'm introduced to everyone there and for some reason i was still very panicky, nervous,,, very silly but still! Everyone seemed to be looking at me like a martian, i blamed the clothes ( White trousers and a striped blouse w/heels- maybe it was too much). I'm lead through to my cubicle and given my first task. "Go the secretary and get your ID card, and ask for a user name and password". I walk with umph towards the other section of my department and ....BAAYM! i walk into a glass door..the complete horra! i breathe in for what seems to me like a century..turn around answering all their 'are you ok' q's and walk out..2 minutes later walking back in i extend my hand cautiously b4 getting close to that area( just in case) and i see 3 small post-its:P that all have " for m" "for m" " for m " written on them. M is my name:S..lets just say i figured out quickly that the people in my department where nice but i was still going " Why God ..Why??" for the next few days. It's been goood so far..nething else comes up or slams thru a wall.. well i'll let you know

Note: I hate brown/black/navy suits! Despise them! Color aint bad ppl!

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