Monday, 18 August 2008

Oh No She Didn't!!

well...its more like 'they didnt'! I prefer using the no comment card when its this atrocious..but i wasnt at a loss for words...AT ALL! This act of styl-icide happened August 16,2008 at the Alma Awards. Paula is like the proud cherry topping this off. I was always told not to judge unless I put myself in the persons shoes>>WTH was Paula thinking when she put on any of that?? The necklace, the hair, the DRESS, and the poor photographers...oh i bet she feels so "fantastic". The rest of the seem to forget any of the fashion advice they were given..what we have here is a huge case of fluffa-cide...and gurl more fluff aint fly! Both Hilda and that chick from Scrubs seem to be not in the mood which would not have ruined their looks..if the dresses weren't that horrible to start with..and lastly well all I have to say is Seriously really..Seriously??!! The horra the complete horraa!

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